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Dorint Resort Baltic Hills Usedom
Dorint Resort Baltic Hills Usedom
Dorint Resort Baltic Hills Usedom
Hauptstraße 10
17419 Korswandt
Baltic Hills Golf:

Golf Course Baltic Hills Usedom

Our golf course measures 57 ha and has 18 holes with a CR value of:

  • Par 71
  • Ladies (red): 4889 m / Slope 129; CR 72.1
  • Ladies (blue): 5340 m / Slope 133; CR 75.2
  • Men (yellow): 5771 m / Slope 133; CR 71.7
  • Men (white): 6047 m / Slope 136; CR 73.3

Hole 0, the Mulligan, is a fixed part of the practice course and is usually played on the way to the 1st tee.

The driving range is equipped with approx. 20 tees, mat and grass tees as well as spacious putting and pitching areas. There is a handicap requirement from PE/Hcp 54.

Below you will find a detailed description of the golf course and its holes.

Hole 1 - Hope

From the elevated tee of the first hole you have a beautiful view over the Baltic Hills and the following golf courses.

Advanced players with strong nerves should try to hit their first drive over the fairway bunker. If you succeed, there is only one very short shot left in the green.
Here you might even have a birdie chance, because the front of the green is open and with a good bump & run, who knows...

Or you can play the first hole with an iron and place the ball in front of or next to the fairway bunker with the first shot. A second precise cut will take you further, but note the trees on the left.

Hole 2 - Fisherman's Bend

Actually, it's a nasty thing that the most difficult hole of the course is right at the beginning, but good it can only get better. Especially the forest on the left and the water on the right as well as the 4 bunkers represent the challenge.

However, you can work around the difficulty a bit by playing this course as a par 4.5 hole. But there are also many other ways to play on this course.

Hole 3 - Mermaid

Not for nothing the hole 3 is called the mermaid, here often some balls go into the water. Especially balls played too long find their way into the pond again and again, so it is important to find the right length of the shot, because balls that are too short do not overcome the 20 meters in front of the green either.

Hole 4 - Fab Four

This is probably the longest par 4 hole of the course and leads initially towards the forest, but then takes a turn to the right. Here finally a strong depression follows, whereby the green is elevated at the end of the depression.

Hole 5 - Baltic Hills

Here you will find what is probably the most impressive hole on the course, thanks to the Baltic Hills, which represent enormous fairway undulations. It can happen here that you have to play the second shot blind or in a strong oblique position if the ball remains in one of the hollows of the hills after the first shot.

Hole 6 - Island Ho!

Do you know which club to use in a wind-exposed position? Then you should use this one, because the 6th hole strongly reminds of the big par 3 holes of the British Isles. The pines in the back, the large broom and broom areas in front of you and the 4 deep bunkers make the hole a real challenge. Also keep in mind that the green is sloping from all sides, making putting interesting.

Hole 7 - Wall

This par 5 course lies between the forest island and the large fairway bunker. From the height of the bunker you have a fantastic view over Lake Gothensee and the hinterland of the Three Imperial Spas of Usedom.

Here the play on the green is particularly complicated by a towering stone wall.

Hole 8 - Garden Heights

Here you have to play uphill this time to master the par 3 hole and caution the terrain to the left of the green is strongly disparaging. There is also a pine forest behind and to the right of the green, but there is no bunker on this track to your advantage.

Hole 9 - Cunninggis Hill

This time the tee shot is on a hill. It is worth considering whether you can use the slope at the bunker to your advantage.

Hole 10 - Ridge

The shortest par 4 hole of the golf course. Before you choose your discount strategy, you should consider the second shot in particular. You have to hit the ball on the way to the flag over a deep bunker, which lies directly in front of the green. The green cannot be played flat.

Hole 11 - Gully

This hole also has a high degree of difficulty. The tee shot is again on a hill and the drive must be played over a depression on a rising fairway, which is sloping to the left.

This time there is a green bunker in front of the green, which even experienced players often can't cope with. If your ball lands here, it may make sense to play the ball backwards or sideways.

Hole 12 - Saddle

On this par 5 hole course there is a difference in altitude of almost 20 metres between the tee shot and the green, so the playing time appears here longer than it actually is. But don't be fooled, the fairway bunkers can limit your view of the green on your next shot.

Hole 13 - Planters Punch

This uphill par 4 hole has no bunkers to make your game more difficult. But the group of trees in front of the green is the influencing element of your game strategy.

Hole 14 - Witch

Precise strokes are necessary to successfully play the shortest hole of the course. Here also a very long bunker defends again the green and you should note that the green is strongly undulating.

Hole 15 - Heidi

Thanks to the double fairway, you can apply many different strategies here. But don't underestimate the three bunkers on the left and the L-shaped bunker on the right. Please note that the railway is close to the "Heidelerche" protected area, which must not be entered.

Hole 16 - Long

Here the finish of the par 4, par 3 and par 5 of the golf course is opened through the long par 4 hole. A long shot from the right side of the course is optimal, as there is a huge wave in the two-stage green, which slows down particularly flat shots. However, if you play the green from the left side, you have to play over the bunkers and your ball could bounce off the already mentioned wave.

Hole 17 - Poky

First you will notice the large bunker in front of the green. The smaller bunkers to the left and right as well as another bunker behind the green are also dangerous. The green is completely surrounded by bunkers.

It is important that the green is on one of the highest points of the golf course and that you use a club that can withstand the wind.

Hole 18 - Home

Through the elevated tee of the last hole, you are offered one last time a fantastic view over the golf course. However, you should also concentrate on the drive, because a good tee shot can give you a very good score.

A large bunker on the left and three smaller bunkers on the right make playing on the double green difficult. But if you still get a successful shot here, you can usually enjoy the applause of spectators on the club terrace.